Sunday, December 14, 2008

Women of the Earth

This is called
'Women of the Earth- Circle Round'
and here are some close ups of the details

The Women





It is painted in acrylics and silk dyes on a stretched canvas.
Size- 100cm x 75 cm
Price- $750

Our Lady of Healing

I painted this one for my beautiful Naturopath Sonia


This is a smaller work from theGoddess in the Garden collection
Done in acrylics on stretched canvas
Dimensions-50cm x 38cm
Price- $300

Goddess in the Garden

Here is my Goddess in the Garden.
This is a large acrylic painting with sculpted sections, it is on a stretched canvas
Dimensions- 100 cm x 75cm-
Price- $1000

In the Darkening Green

This is a large acrylic and silk dye painting.
On a stretched canvas
Dimensions- 100cm x 100cm
Price- $1000