Monday, April 6, 2009

The Grafton Sesqui Centenary

These are pieces in a large work I am doing for Graftons upcoming 150th birthday.

The Rockpool

We have all been inspired by our local rockpools and the oceans.

This one is in acrylics and held by my gorgeous little assistant.

And this one is in pastels over acrylics.

The First Journey

I did this one at that time of the month...

Its inspiration, I hope is obvious.

The Boat and The Beach

These are pastels and I did them in a workshop as well.

Pastels are not my favourite medium as they are fragile, delicate things and need to be framed under glass, but they are very nice to work with.

These two have been sold to a good home in Wellington

Earth Mother

I have been very busy creating at my place and very lax in blogging about any of it-

But here is an update~

This one was started at a workshop called "Intuitive Art",
tutored by the fabulous Rhondella Hyde at the Grafton Art Club.

It was a very fun but rather confronting workshop,
and it took me a few weeks to finish it off at home.