Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moon Dance

This is a triptych, a work in three parts.

It is in acrylics on three panels of stretched canvas.

Dimensions- each panel is 30cm x 60cm
Price $ 300

Frieze Frame

This is a small work inspired by frescoes in Roman Baths.

It is done in acrylics on a stretched canvas.
Dimensions- 30cm x 60cm
Price $100

The Fluidity of Time and Space

In this work I played with acrylic mediums and silk dyes.
It is a very fluid abstract piece in some of my favourite colours.

It has been described as haunting and atmospheric.
Stretched canvas
Dimensions- 50cm x 60cm
Price- $ 650

This one is sold!
It is now hanging in a new home at Swan Creek

Technicolour Turtle

This one was inspired by a beautiful day I spent with my women's group- The Purple Tent.
We went for a walk across the bridge over the Mann river at Jackadgery and I was amazed at all the creatures we could see down in the river below.
It was a very special day.

Acrylic paint on a stretched canvas
Dimensions= 60cm x 60cm
Price $450


This one is a mixed media work on lovely thick artists paper.
It uses acrylics, acrylic mediums and collage.

Dimensions= 66.5 cm x 88.5 cm
Price- unframed- $ 200
I can get a quote on framing if you request one.

Two Goddesses



Two medium sized Goddess portraits on stretched canvases
Dimensions =40cm x 30cm
Price $80 each or both for $150